November 28, 2007

Decisions Are Always Based On Gut-Feel

Decisions can never be made logically. Logic can, at best, help you identify the obvious choice.

When any alternative in decision making seems logically better than the others, the choice is obvious. E.g. the alternative ways of going up to the 15th floor of a building is to take the elevator or the stairs. Taking the elevator definitely seems to have more logic, hence the choice is obvious and no decision is required.

Real decision making is required when the alternatives are logically similar. Consider that you are getting late for your flight, and there are two routes that you can take to the airport. Route A is much longer but is likely to have less traffic, whereas Route B is shorter but is likely to have much more traffic. Both routes have their positives and negatives. Whichever route you choose, there is a risk of missing the flight, either due to distance, or due to traffic. It is not possible to make a logical decision on the routes as both routes seem equally risky.

Clearly, decision making is required only when all alternatives have logically equal risk and/or benefit. Hence you always have to rely on your Gut Feel to make the decisions.


Anonymous said...

Indeed a great post on leadership.

By reading your post it appears that the ability to take decisions can be developed. It's not something that a human being has to have naturally nevertheless those having the ability of GUT FEELING will always proved to be better leaders than those who will take time to develop it?

Hence the belief that some people are not meant to lead is purely fallicious, isn't it so?

Aseem said...

Hi Snazzy,

It is completely and ridiculously fallacious that some people are not meant to lead. I have written another post "Leadership is a way of being". Anyone can decide to be a leader. Its an attitude, and not a designation or position that is conferred on you.

It takes practice and confidence to trust your gut feel. with practice you will be able to take decisions confidently. Always remember, there is never a right or wrong decision. Decisions are always between choices where each choice has its positives and negatives... Decision is the ability of deciding, based on your gut feel, which of those positives and negatives you are choosing.

Enjoy being a leader...

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