November 19, 2007

Luck is Relative - Part 1

Are you Happy when you should be Sad?

Consider that your cab breaks down on the way to the airport. You have to catch an important international flight in 30 minutes. You are truly stuck as no replacement cab can reach you before 2 hours. Walking down to the airport (1 KM away) seems to be the only option. So you try and make it on foot, lugging your suitcase and hand baggage. You try your best, but by the time you reach the airport, it is already 10 minutes late. Feeling very upset and tired, you make your way to the airlines authorities to find out about the next available flight that day, if any.

And voila, they tell you that your flight was delayed due to some technical snag, and you still have 15 mins to check in, so rush.... You move fast, all tiredness disappears, you complete the check in formalities, reach the aircraft and sink in your seat, tired but happy, thanking your lucky stars.

Lucky and happy, aren't you? Your good luck saved your day.

Think again.

Your cab broke down, you had to lug your suitcase for a KM and your flight got delayed --- and you still think you are lucky?

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ya i do believe in luck........

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