December 25, 2007

Have a Complete Holiday

I am currently holidaying with family in the tea estates on some beautiful hills. Holidaying during this time of the year is very peaceful since a large part of the world is holidaying. Almost everyone is away from work. So there are no phone calls, no pending work and no stress. It seems like a complete holiday.

My next post will come after the holidays. My best wishes for happy holidays to all my readers.


Lena said...

is the pic from the place where you are holidaying? :)
if so, it is a truly beautiful place :)

Aseem said...

Yes. The place is beautiful. The place is "Munnar" in Kerala, India.

Deepz said...

Munnar is truely awesome mac..i have been der once..Its really refreshing when one visits such places after hectic life schedules..wel countinue the good work..

Mauro C. said...

Hi there... I gave one Inspiring Great Blog Award 2007 in 1 Million Love Messages :)

You can grab it here:

Have a Happy 2008

Aseem said...

Thats very encouraging. Thank you Mauro C.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, that place is beautiful

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