January 7, 2008

Leaders Create More Leaders

Successful leaders create more leaders, not followers.

Leadership is a way of being that generates passion in others for your cause or project. The bigger the cause or project, the higher the number of people you need to influence. For really big causes or projects, you need to be able to create leaders who would further influence others. The number of people you can influence has no limit, if you can create leaders who could further create more leaders such that they can further create even more leaders, and so on....

If you want to be a leader for a large cause or project, stop trying to find followers and start creating more leaders.


Anonymous said...

Hey there..
Sorry, but I don't really agree on your point of view.. Perhaps, you have wrongly taken the example of what you want to convey, but this article with its example does not appeal convincing to me..

Anonymous said...

Great idea. Unfortunately the current leaders of the world do not share your wisdom, and would rather crate blind followers; some have succeeded at that, especially the religious leaders.

I'm really enjoy your insights. Keep going!

Anonymous said...

This is so true ! Today's society has a real problem by keeping their stare at those more fortunate and trying to be like them.

You have many insightful words here and I am sure to be coming back !

Yoolees said...

I agree with your post title. Great post and great title. Sometimes, this is misunderstood. Many people believe that a good leader if he was able to make his subordinates follow him. But in reality, a good leader is the one who should able to make his subordinates a leader too.

Hope to hear from you in my blog too.

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Aseem said...

Wakish, it would be great if you can share your point of view with my readers. Each perspective adds value to our understanding.

Anonymous said...

SOME WISE AND FOOLISH MEN BELIEVE THAT LEADERS ARE BORN WHILE OTHERS BELIEVE LEADERS ARE MADE. I read words from a minister once who believed that titles presuppose qualification. When people who are not qualified wear a title that suggests qualification, it tends to make the title-wearer believe that they are qualified to administer the authority of such a title. What that does is it impedes the development of the individual, for the individual, in thinking they are what they are not, refuses to study to become what they are called. If you read Dale Carnegie's book "How to Win Friends and Influence People," you may become enlightened for he said "Give a
person a good name to live up to."
I know that leadership sometimes can be a weapon in the wrong hands...take for instance many of our political socalled leaders. If people are led into glory, or in dismay, let them understand the repercussions and the resolve of both. The end results are either favorable in the part of the follower or leader, but the decision to lead is the higher price, for as there are two sides to a coin,the result of a mislead flock can be deadly, or splendid.

Aseem said...

Hi Futurenetworkproduction :)

I see your point of view. Do read my following posts

1. Leadership is a way of being
2. Being a Leader is a Privilege

A. Caleb Hartley - Business Consultant & Entrepreneur said...

I absolutely agree... a true leader also knows when to follow - and by creating other leaders who will follow you, if you aren't around your group of leaders will be perfectly fine.

Otherwise, you'll have a lost group of sheep when you can't be there to lead every minute of every day!

Great post!

A. Caleb Hartley
Be "green" without being "Granola!"

Shelia said...

This is a good concept and I have seen leaders that lead in this fashion. Establishing a group of people around them who can very easily take command at any time. This can work very easily with a lot of mutual respect.

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