February 15, 2008

You Are What You Think You Are

Your future will be consistent with your self image. You can change your future by changing your self image.

Most of us have a self-image and we live life consistent with that image. All our actions and decisions are influenced by what we think we can or cannot do or achieve. Our self image is our judgments and beliefs regarding our capabilities. Whenever we are faced by any action, decision or planning we evaluate each possibility with our self image and move forward accordingly; “I think I can do this...”, “I can’t do this...”, “I can never become a ...”, “I am sure, that one day I will...”.

Our self image is shaped primarily by our past experiences - successes and failures, feedback and comments received from others, our upbringing and childhood events. If you carefully analyze your self-image you will be surprised to find that many of its aspects are shaped by a single event, or comment. You will find that many significant aspects have been shaped by experiences that now seem very insignificant and almost forgotten, yet they have had a permanent effect on your self image. Clearly these aspects are worth a second thought.

Since we act consistent with our self image, we reinforce it with our actions and decisions and ensure that our future would also be consistent with the image. If you want your life to be different in future, you need to work on your self image today. If you want to be a more confident person in future, create a more confident self image today. If all your actions are driven by “I do not have the confidence”, you will never have confidence. However, if your actions start getting driven by “I have confidence”, then you will definitely find your confidence improving.

You need to take your self image seriously since it defines what you are going to be. You need to identify and remove the aspects that hold you back. At the same time you need to bring in aspects that are consistent with your desired future.

Changing your self image is not easy, but it is possible with conscious effort and a strong desire to shape your own future.

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Merging Point said...

Well explained one indeed!
Identify, work on it and move ahead.
Breaking the comfort zone lets one to explore the freedom and one of its byproduct is confidence.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! You are right that we are what we think. Too often it is the negative thoughts that shape who we become the most ("I'm so fat", "I'm unlovable", "I'm not smart enough")

When we focus on the positive we can become more positive and begin to really show our best side.

Sophiagurl said...

I completely agree, I know I wrote something similar a few months back and I loved your insight on it.

A quote from Arun Gogna - "The way you look at yourself is the way that you live your life."

alok said...

very good post and equally good comments!

I too believe that "change is unchangeable law of nature" and one shd change wd changing times 4 better.

PrimeProjects said...

Enlightening post.

This is one of those concepts that has been underestimated. Traditional thinking has often placed emphasis on measurable traits - intellect, skills, education, financial savvy, and the like.

Developing a positive self-image doesn't seem to be a part of the accepted list. But I'm glad that this is changing now and we're beginning to appreciate the role this one plays in shaping our lives.


Footholds For Favorable Outcomes

Anonymous said...

Yes we definately are what we think. Our thoughts have so much power. I know some people will disagree with what I'm about to say but even the way we look is bought into existence by what we think. Our thoughts magnetize various energy streams towards us giving us exactly what we focus on.

It can be some what difficult to change because thinking is a habit.

Nickolove Lovemore said...

This point cannot be hammered home enough. You will never out-perform your self-image and so it is critical that we improve our self-image if we want to improve the quality of our lives.

As Dr Joyce Brothers said,

"An individual's self-concept is the core of his personality. It affects every aspect of human behavior: the ability to learn, the capacity to grow and change. A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success in life."

Peter said...

I'm on your entrecard today.. enjoy your blow what i've read so far. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Another great post. I have subscribed. I hope my blog can read as well as yours. I would appreciate any comments you might have about what I have done in the short 6 weeks since I started. Love your work, Rick

Priyanka said...

nice blog...

Anonymous said...

If one should not underestimate himself, he shouldn't also overestimate himself.

How to find the right estimation???

Aseem said...

Hi Anonymous,

In my belief whatever you estimate is the right estimation... There is no under-estimation or over-estimation.

The issue is normally not with the estimation, its more to do with your belief in your estimation. If you do not believe your own estimation, you will never be able to achieve it.

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