April 25, 2008

Human Shades Of Gray

To be white is to be an Angel. To be black is to be a Devil. To be gray is to be a Human.

Humans are of varying shades of gray. Their personalities are a combination of white and black, godliness and deviousness. To expect a human to not have any flaw would be to expect that human to be an Angel. Humans are not Angels. To condemn a human as all evil is to condemn that human to be a Devil. Humans are not devils.

I am not talking about the minuscule percentage of rare humans who by their deeds have become comparable to Angels or to Devils. I am talking about the large majority. People like you and me. Most of us do things that may not be right. But we also do things that are right. Sometimes we do things that are evil. But many times we also do things that are kind. We have our weaknesses, but we also have our strengths. We may fail in many endeavors, but we also have many victories. We are human; a mix of white and black; a shade of gray.

So forgive yourself for all your weaknesses, failures and evils of the past. You are just a human. You are bound to be gray. Strive to be a lighter shade of gray.


Vinay said...

I agree. Humans are a shade of gray. A mix of Devil and Human. And I think the intensity of Gray keeps changing. sometimes the Devil is more apparent sometimes the Angel. And I think it keeps changing frequently/

Aseem said...

hi Vinay, i agree the shade of gray keeps changing. Humans are the most complex animals... aren't they. :-)

CodeZebra said...

I like what you said. Now, the following may seem contrary, but it really isn't...

I think humans "aren't" anything. To put it another way, humans are colorless. The idea of angels being whit and devils being black, with humans being gray... it's arbitrary.

Again, that's just something I wanted to point out... it doesn't change what you said at all, or invalidate it in any way. I'm just wondering if you believe there is "good" and "evil" predefined by some arbitrary source... and well it must... so I guess to be more specific, I'm wondering if your source is relative or fixed for everyone, you know?

Aseem said...

Hi Benny,

I do not think there is any "good" or "evil" defined by any arbitrary source. It is a relative definition. A terrorist from one perspective, is a freedom fighter from another.

I think the definition of good and evil resides within each individual. And it is different for each individual. All of us have an internal definition of right and wrong. And we do many things that we know inside, is not correct, and yet we do. So we do both evil and good based on our own definitions.

I do understand your pint that the colors are arbitrary. I have used the colors black, white and grey to illustrate two extreme contrasts, and humans being somewhere in between the two contrasts.

Warm Regards

Anonymous said...

What a great way to encourage us to grow and develop...become a lighter shade of gray. Humans are unique in their ability to change.

Making Perfect Sense

Matangi Mawley said...

loved the content!

Anonymous said...

Hi vinay
central idea has been brought out in elegant manner. I do believe that we wear varying shades of grey and our pursuit in life should be to dilute the grey shade to the extent possible by learning from the past and rectifying on the course.

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