February 10, 2008

Learning Of Education

Education is only a small source of learning. The primary sources of learning are your interactions and experiences with yourself, others, nature, and the environment

Education is information and experiences imparted to students in a regulated, protected, experimental and stimulated environment. However, education is only one source of information and experiences. Other primary sources are the interactions that we have, since birth, with people, nature and environment around us; and the interactions that we have with our own self in form of introspection, dreams and self-conversation – the voice in our head.

Learning is the assimilation of information and experiences with our ‘self’. Learning is analyzing the information and experiences that we have received, relating them to our existing learnings, putting our own interpretations around them and making them mean something to us. Each piece of learning makes a difference to who we are. The difference may be small, or it may be transformational. It may be positive or negative. In any case, it contributes to the evolution of our distinct and unique personality.

The education, information and experiences that we have received becomes useful and makes a difference to who we are, only after we have passed them through the process of learning. All other education, information and experiences that we have gathered is relegated to some corner of our mind.

All of us have very distinctly experienced that it is not possible to judge anyone on the basis of educational qualifications alone. It is possible for highly educated people to be with very poor learning if they are not in touch with their self, others and the environment. On the other hand, people with poor education can be very learned if they are present to themselves, their environment and the people around them.


Merging Point said...

Excellent post Aseem!
language of the sound(mind) -- education!
Language of the silence(self) --experiential!
Both together, Human Being!

Unknown said...

I have come across many poor people in my life who are in very severe condition but they have very practical approach towards life and the way they perceive various situations of life unveiled that they may be very qualified persons but in fact they are not. Here I can also mention example of my own grand mom who is not so qualified but her experience of learning from interaction with the environment is no doubt very worthy for us and we seek her guidance in various situations of our life as we are sure of competence of her valuable advices. And we have several experiences around us that people are very well qualified but their approach towards life is sometimes childish.

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