January 28, 2008

Be Fearfully Courageous

Being courageous does not imply being fearless. Fear and courage go hand in hand. Fear is necessary for survival, whereas courage is required to succeed.

Fear is the acknowledgment of potential danger and the stimulus to take action for protection. It sets you in action for facing danger or fleeing from it. Fear may result from actual danger, e.g. facing a tiger in a jungle. Or, it may result from imagined danger e.g. fear of failure. In either case it sets you in action for protecting yourself. If you are fearless, then potential danger is not likely to generate protective reaction. A fearless soldier is likely to get shot easily. A fearless investor is likely to lose all his money and a fearless boxer is likely to get punched on his face.

Courage is the ability to persist with your objectives and take action even in the face of fear. Being courageous forces you to pursue your objectives despite fear. Fear helps you protect yourself from danger, whereas courage helps you take action despite being fearful. A fearfully courageous soldier would do everything to save his life, at the same time take advantage of each opportunity to take a shot at the enemy. A fearfully courageous investor would cover his risks and invest judiciously. A fearfully courageous boxer will cover his face with one hand, while hitting his opponent with the other.

Do not be afraid to be afraid. Fear is necessary. However do not let fear immobilize you. Be courageous and take action. Take on that big project that you are afraid to take on. Make that commitment that you are afraid to make. Take that first step that you are afraid to take. Be fearfully courageous.

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girlgonefishing said...


A. Caleb Hartley - Business Consultant & Entrepreneur said...

Excellent description of the difference between fearlessness and courage.

I love that you specifically mentioned that all courageous people feel fear - or else they can't be truly considered courageous!

A. Caleb Hartley
Courageously help protect the environment

Merging Point said...

A fearless investor is likely to lose all his money and a fearless boxer is likely to get punched on his face.
-- How so true! an element of fear is essential to be free.
A wonderful site for insights. Triggers for contemplations!

Merging Point said...

Probably, alertness and awareness can be better terms instead of an element of fear

Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

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hope to see u there.

Unknown said...

Excellent blog..... "courage is the realisation that something is more impoptant than fear"....

Anonymous said...

Valuable info. Lucky me I found your site by accident, I bookmarked it.

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