January 15, 2008

Take Risk: Be Open To Losing

The winner is a person who took the risk of losing and participated in the race.

Most people do not participate in the race simply because they are afraid of losing. They are waiting for a favourable situation where winning is guaranteed or highly probable. They do a lot of planning and analysis to determine their odds for winning the race. Some "ready-to-be" entrepreneurs have not yet launched their venture because they are waiting for an idea which is a sure winner. Most of us prefer taking "calculated risks", i.e. risks where the risk of risk is very low. Your chances of winning are almost certain if and only if you are running alone. I wonder if you would enjoy winning such a race.

To win a race you need to participate in the race. Participation puts you at risk of losing, but it also provides you the possibility of outrunning others and winning. If you do not participate, you cannot win. So take risk; be open to losing; and jump into the race. Losing is fine, at least you participated.

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Anonymous said...

We must not only participate, but also participate with the belief that we can win the race. Participating for the sake of participating will only go so far.

Do not join a race if you don't belief you can win it. Your beliefs can become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Take risks, but also have confidence in your abilities.

Anonymous said...

I needed this today, thanks.

passion said...

well said...

Unknown said...

Sometimes you've just gotta take a risk.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you!

Life is full of risks, and as a human you have to deal with the risks and go for it!
This way your also capable to finding your self new goals, new achievements and most importently: self confidence!

Sophiagurl said...

To win a race you need to participate in the race. - I particularly liked this line. And you are right, sometimes we only take calculated risk and that limits our chances of winning other races.

Nice site. I enjoyed myself reading it. =)

Maldives said...

I like to Win.

Unknown said...

No Risk No gain,this is fact and in every phase of life if we dont want to endure pain of loss then we can never learn to enjoy happiness of victory.
And obviously life is a name of constant struggle,and struggling is an attribute that diminish all risk factors in over life.

go to the top said...

good title, I like that

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