December 1, 2007

Honesty is Not Always the Best Policy

Honest intentions are more important than honesty itself.

Here I am equating honesty with telling the truth. Often in life we are faced with situations, mostly with our loved ones, where telling the truth does not seem to be the best thing. In such situations, check your intentions. If your intentions are honest, then go ahead and do what seems right to you, even if it requires you to be dishonest, i.e. tall a lie.

I recently met someone whose life got saved because by someone who lied about his identity to a mob during some riots. Had the mob realised the truth, both of them would have been killed. This someone, who saved his life, told a lie, put his own life at risk, and saved his life.

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Anonymous said...

you are amazing you show me that life is not just a tree that is blooming it is also a steam coming off of a newly birthed leaf that falls ever so often. THANKYOU JESUS

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