December 15, 2007

Some Yet-To-Be-Fulfilled Dreams

I requested a few people to share their 'yet to be fulfilled' dreams. Here are some of the responses.

Tali: Can i ever! It seems like in everything I do there's an incompleteness, waiting to be completed. My latest dream is to see my business, The Pinup Shop, grow into a world-wide success! Wish me luck...

Midwest: Hmm, that's a good question..We do have a lot of dreams and for me it's a bit challenging now to look for one that I really want to be fulfilled. But let's see..I think one of the dreams that is yet to be fulfilled is having a better life, a happy family and being less worried about life's little drawbacks..
MarkDykeman: I dream of writing a book and having it become a best seller.

elf_fu: I would love to sell my first piece of art. Not for the money, surprisingly. It's the thought that something I have made moved someone enough to know that they HAD to own it, to have it. That would be an amazing thing to happen.

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