December 9, 2007

Knowledge, Wisdom and Skills

Knowledge helps you understand. Wisdom helps you decide. Skills help you execute.

Knowledge is your ability to analyze and understand all aspects of any situation. It helps you identify the possible alternatives with their associated risks and benefits. Knowledge is your repository of information and learning. Knowledge comes from conscious mind and is based on logic. Knowledge is limited to your memory. What is forgotten is not known.

Wisdom is your ability to choose an alternative from possible alternatives. Wisdom comes from subconscious learning and is built based on all your experiences since birth and your natural instincts that came with birth. Wisdom is not based on logic, and is not limited by memory. It is not isolated by events or happenings. It comes from a consolidated subconscious experience of life and the natural instincts for survival.

Skill is your ability to execute and it comes from practice. Once your knowledge has identified the possible alternatives, and your wisdom has chosen one of the alternatives. Your skills help you move forward on the alternative.

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Gelombang Rakyat said...

Interesting! I prefer to add:
* What is Knowledge

"Knowledge is a state of knowing covering various edges, of one's total life."

* What is Wisdom

"Wisdom is a level, one understands based on common sense, then decide and choose, an item in this total life, in line with the God's law, and despite the current opinions, it ultimately produces an outcome of win-win for all creations and creatures."

* What is skill

"Skill is accumulative experiences after continuous applying a practice and doing this to nearing nice wholesome completions."

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