December 15, 2007

Play to Win

Some people lose. Some win. Rest live in mediocrity.

We are careful in whatever we do. We tread cautiously to ensure nothing goes wrong. Most of us succeed in not losing. And we live happily ever after in mediocrity.

Reducing caution increases your chances of losing. But you have no other option. You cannot win a football game by just defending your goal. You can, at best, stop the other side from scoring, and hence not lose. If you want to win, you need to play to win. You need to weaken your defence in order to improve your offence and score goals.

Reduce caution and take risks. Play to win instead of playing to not lose.


Anonymous said...

I agree. If I play to win the game of life, I can create the future I want. If I don't like what I am getting in life, maybe I had been playing the game of getting what I have...

mon said...

Very true. Nice piece of advice.Short but hit right in the bullseye.

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