November 20, 2007

How to be Successful?

To be Successful, you need to acknowledge and respect your achievements.

Success is the achievement of something consciously attempted.

There are many things that we attempt in life, like, trying to control our hand movements as an infant. Each achievement, however big or small is success. At any point in life, there are many things that we have achieved (Successful), and there are many things that we have not achieved (Unsuccessful).

Most of us normally feel unsuccessful, since we are tuned to focus only on what we have not achieved (Do Achievements make you Happy?). To us Success is a moving target, because with each achievement our focus shifts to the next desired achievement.

Success is relative. We feel someone else is successful if he/she has achieved what we have not achieved. However that someone else also feels unsuccessful, since there are things that he has not achieved, and others have achieved.

Success is a feeling, emotion or a state of mind, similar to happiness. You can feel successful at any point in life if you are willing to acknowledge what you have achieved. All of us have made significant achievements in life. We simply refuse to acknowledge them.


Strength said...

So does that mean that howmuch ever we achieve is immaterial , its just the FEELING of success which we need to bring in ourselves,which ca be brought in at any point in life?
OR it means keep moving the success target but simultaneously keep congratulaing yourself of the achievements and keep enjoying appreciating life.Don't punish yourself?

Aseem said...

It means be kind to yourself and acknowledge what you have achieved. And believe me each one of us has achieved a lot. Just look back at your life.

Feel successful about what you have achieved, and try to be more successful by achieving even more.

Anonymous said...

Success to me is when others applaud/envy my achievements ... if I were alone in a jungle and I built a naturally air conditioned tree house to live in... it would make my life more comfortable.... but the feeling of elation and success ("Yes! I did it!") would come only if there were five other people down there getting roasted in the heat.. envying my air conditioned house! :) ... If I be honest, success to me is about showing off ;)

Aseem said...

Response to Anonymous...

I think its perfectly fine if your feeling of achievement comes from praise/envy/adulation etc. from others.

Just be careful. People are getting busier by the day, they have less and less time to praise/envy or adulate others.

I hope you don't start feeling unsuccessful, because other dont have time ;)

MG said...

Most of us are unable to define success.At times it is good grade in the school, then good degree, success in CAT, good job, promotion, good wife, good house, car, cabin, and thus it keeps changing. We achieve something and then crave for something bigger and better and this goes on. Some days we consider ourselves successful, and then another day we are sad, and consider ourselves a big failure. I can not have an opinion which will be good for you, leave alone everyone. What is good for me may not be good for you. let us admit we are all different individuals, so our dreams, our goals, our strengths are different.
but do we not have things common?

Aseem said...

Response to MG.

I completly agree with your views. Please also read these posts on the subject.

Anonymous said...

Success is the feeling that comes after you surpass a competition. The tougher the competition you surpass, higher is the magntitude of success. Similarly if you were to off set a less tougher competition, the feeling of being successfully beating the competition would be less. For me success if beating your competition ;)

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