November 22, 2007

Being a Leader is a Privilege

You can be a leader only when others grant you this privilege.

You are a leader when there are people who;
trust you,
get inspired by you,
feel positive in your presence,
have faith in what you are saying, and
are willing to take the risk of accepting your opinions and views

You can, at best, strive to have these qualities. You will become a leader only when others perceive these qualities in you.


Anonymous said...

That's the way it should be. However, in practice nobody hardly perceives qualities in others than himself unless the other is somebody outstanding! As its difficult to have so many outstanding guys, a more practical solution is if top management could see the desired qualities in the leadership candidate and bestows him with authority to be effective.

munish vyas said...

Destruction is the one step to creation so nothing is negative in the thought.processing is the tool to achieve different.leadership qualities are there in each of us to move them in focused perspective should b the motto.

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