November 19, 2007

The Truth about Truth

Truth is one of the many acceptable perceptions of Reality. Truth is often mistaken as Reality. Reality is unknown.

There was a time when everyone believed that the Earth is round, and the Sun and the Moon go around the Earth. This Truth was the perception of reality at that time. Only a madman could say that the Earth is round and it rotates like a top and goes around the sun. It took many great thinkers and scientists many years to change the perception and make everyone believe that the Earth is round and goes around the Sun. This is the Truth today. However this is not Reality. We have no idea what reality is.

For those who are not convinced, allow me to offer another perspective of Reality - “The Earth is stationary and is at the centre of the Universe. Everything else, including the Sun, the moon, all stars, galaxies etc. go around the Earth.” I challenge you to prove that my statement is not true.

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Benoit Gallant said...

Confused...aren't you?
Reality exists, that you perceive it or not.
When you know that something is,and it is, or when you know that something is not, and it is not, then you know the truth.

Aristotle could have told you that.

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