November 24, 2007

Make space for Conflicts

Conflicts are not only inevitable, they are necessary.

As long as there are people, there would be different point of views. It is important to realize that each point of view is correct from its own perspective. I am sure you would have noticed that the other person, in the conflict, is as convinced about his point of view as you are about yours.

Make space for conflicts. Accept them as an inevitable part of life. In a conflict, try to see the other person's point of view, and also welcome the person to see your point of view. Even if you are not able to see the other point of view, accept it to be as true as yours. It may be because the other perspective is not visible to you. Conflicts are necessary, because they force you to look at other perspectives.

The only way to avoid conflict is to live in isolation.


MG said...

In my opinion, there is nothing like good or bad, or right and wrong. We are all different individuals, with different backgrounds and different circumstances. We think differently and we live differently. So long, we believe that the other person's views are as good as yours, there is no conflict. One of my friends once told me that if there is a conflict, think that the other person is right, that is the end of conflict.

ALAK said...

Absolutely. IMHO,I believe there should be a fair amount of agreements as well as disagreements in any healthy relationship.

Even if there are disagreements with regards to view, opinions, ideas, etc, It would probably be for the best if people agree to disagree.

This,for me, would be a clear sign of respect one shows towards the relation as well as the person/people involved and that one is open enough to accept that there can be myriad perspectives to a issue.


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