November 19, 2007

Power to Create...

Could the prehistoric human ever foresee that their persistent efforts at improving life, by continuously improving their hunting stones, would one day create New York !!!

Even without being consciously aware, each one of us plays an important role in the future that is getting created. I welcome everyone to create a future that empowers humanity.


Strength said...

To catch up with our earlier discussions :)
I had reached a conclusion that to Empower humanity, First I need to empower myself.To spread happiness ,first an individual needs to be happy and satisfied.But sometimes this road to self happiness seems soo long, unending,really TOUGH , that you start forgeting the bigger picture ?Trying to perform everywhere ...Office,home, relationships,studies,etc one Feels like having a break and forget everything, close your eyes like pigeon.World will take care of itself,let me THINK about MYSELF.
what say?

Aseem said...

Each person needs to empower himself/herself... rest will automatically follow.
I will be putting up some posts on happiness, satisfaction, success etc. Do go through them... hopefully some of your questions will get answered.

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