November 27, 2007

Notice Your Own Progress

Progress is normally invisible to self but visible to others.

Did you ever realise that you have grown up from an infant who could not even control his/her hand movements to what you are today? The daily incremental progress of most things in life is negligible. We as humans are highly adaptable, and our ability to adjust to the daily progress is much more than the change itself.

The change is your life is very visible to those who observe you at significant intervals. E.g. someone who saw you as an infant and then saw you as a toddler a year later would really notice your progress.

To really evaluate the progress you are making. Take a pause and look back at how things were a year back (or more, or less, depending on which area of life you are evaluating). You will be surprised at the amount of progress you have made in most areas of your life. And if you ask around, you will be even more surprised at how many people are already aware of your progress, which so far, was invisible to you.

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