November 21, 2007

Satisfaction is in your Imagination

Extrapolating further from Luck is Relative Part 1 & 2

Satisfaction felt from any event does not depend on the actual event at all. It depends solely on how the actual event was, as compared to the expected event. Expectation is often a result of imagination. Thus,

Your satisfaction from any event depends on the actual event, only as compared to your imagined event

You feel happy if you are able to catch a flight that you expected to miss. (Ref. Are you Happy when you should be Sad?) Catching the flight has nothing to do with your happiness. You wouldn't have given it a second thought if you had reached the airport comfortably before time.

You feel sad if you have to travel in economy section when you expected to travel in Business Section. (Ref. Are you Sad when you should be happy) You wouldn't have thought twice about travelling in the economy section, had the attendant not created the expectation of your getting upgraded to the Business Section.

The same event can make you feel satisfied or dissatisfied based on what you were expecting.


Anonymous said...

so sages have said secret of happiness is not to expect anything - no expectation no pain.

Aseem said...

Response to o p dokania.

I prefer to rephrase it as - low expectation high gain

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